Ailunce HD1 with firmware 1.61 & software 2.17 (EN)

Ailunce HD1 is an handheld we design for hams and keeping improve as the feedback from hams. We have upgrade many firmware and software version. Here I will show you what function of the HD1 with firmware 1.61 & software 2.17.
Software size date
[zip] HD1 firmware 2.6 MB 2019-Aug-01
[zip] HD1 firmware 2.6 MB 2019-Aug-01
[zip] HD1 Software 3.4 MB 2019-Apr-27
[zip] HD1(GPS) Software 3.3 MB 2019-Apr-27

1. Front Panel Programming transceiver (FPP):

HD1 has true VFO mode. It allows you to do almost all settings without PC. Edit frequency, CC, Ts, Contacts, Rx Group List, Offset, Save Channel, Delete Channel etc. Dual Band DMR Radio, Analog, and Digital Combined. Compatible with Motorola Tier Ⅰ&Ⅱ.

2. Cross Band Transmit and Receive:

Transmit and Receive between UHF and VHF with Cross-Band frequency, Either Digital or Analog mode is ok.

3. FM Radio Broadcast :

You can save channels you like. When we are free and there is no call, we can open FM to listen. In case we miss any calls, most of the radio’s default settings are automatically receiving the calling from other radios when we listen to FM radio. Some people think it is very good, we will don’t miss any calls. Some others think it is a little better. Because during this time I don’t want to be disturb. Ailunce will give you more choices. Whether the call from other radios was received when you listen FM, It’s up to you.

4. 32 ID, Support Edit via Keypad:

Ailunce HD1 FPP transceiver supports multiple radio IDs, 32 IDs exactly. You can set lots of different IDs. You can save all your IDs and select the one you need to use.

5. Direct Mode/Dual Capacity Direct Mode(DCDM):

Under the Direct Mode Operation, That can talk at a frequency of two groups, improved the frequency utilization, and also can avoid some signal interference. Straight double time slot (DCDM) is an important feature available in Ailunce HD1 FPP transceiver.

6. Three kinds of Channel Display Modes:

They are „Name, FREQ, CH“. Besides, you could try to custom your „Name“ mode.

7. Three different scan Modes:

„TO, CO and SE“, Listening to what others are talking about nearby without interrupting quickly

8. Display Detailed Caller’s information:

When you receive a call, Ailunce HD1 will tell you very detailed caller’s information, such as „Group ID, Callsign ID, Name, City, State, Country, District, Frequency“. You could recognize the unique and special one quickly.

9. User-defined the caller’s information display time.

You can set how long the caller’s information dispay after the received. Some people want it show a little long time, some people want it show a short time. Even some people don’t want it show on some conditions. No matter how, you can set it by yourself on the software.

10. Operate keypad freely while receiving signals:

When receiving the signal, Ailunce HD1 FPP transceiver allows you to operate the keypad/menu at the same time.

11. Promiscuous Feature:

It is great, especially when Ailunce HD1 FPP transceiver has different contacts and group lists. Turn on the Promiscuous, It will let your radio ignore the contacts limit.

12. Up to 10 watts:

there are three power levels choice „High or Medium or Low Power:10w/5w/1w“ according to your different requirements.

13. IP67 feature:

„6“ means Protected from dust with the highest level, and „7“ means Protected against the effects of immersion in water to depth between 15 cm and 1 meter. It will allow you to use the radio in the outside. No worry about the rain.

14. 3200mAh Battery, Ultra-long Standby Time:

Ailunce HD1 FPP transceiver has an ultra-long Standby Time. All customers feedback that „definitely better than my phones“.

15. GPS optional:

GPS is an optional function, you can select if own it or not when you buy. It allows you to check your radio GPS location information and you also can check other HD1’s location. You can set press PTT to send your GPS location to your friends who have HD1. Or you can set Automatic launch at the fixed time.
HD1 support digital APRS, you can use the HD1 with hotspots. Then you can check your tracking on the aprs website.

16. Support to save 200000 contacts:

As the number of DMR registered contacts grows. 100,000 is not enough. Ailunce HD1 have released the new firmware, It can support up to 200,000 contacts.
Ailunce HD1 consists of two parts, Priority Contacts and Address Book. Support save up to 201000 contacts. Priority Contacts allows you edit, add, delete via radio keypad. Address Book allows you to import and export via the CPS.

17. DTMF:

HD1 Supports DTMF keyboard dialing.
0~9 -> DTMF dial number 0~9.
Menu -> A
Up -> B
Down -> C
Exit -> D
* -> E
# -> F
Press PTT and then dial your DTMF number.

18. Easy to switch vfo and channel mode:

In channel mode, long press the “EXIT” key, you can switch between vfo and channel mode. Very easy and convenient.

19. Easy to switch dual band and single band:

Short press “Lock” key, very easy to swithc between dual band and single band.

20. Reverse frequency function:

Turn on the radio, we can set a sidekey function as reverse frequency. When press the key, your radio current transmit frequency will become receive frequency, and current receive frequency will will become transmit frequency.
Lifetime Continuous Firmware Upgrade for free. If you have any advice about the ailunce HD1, welcome to send message to us. We will do our best to achieve it, even the hardware don’t support it, we can achieve it on the next model.
There are many accessories for the HD1. If you want any other accessories and don’t find on the website, welcome to send message to us too.

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  1. Can you please sort out then licence for the HD1 (GPS) software as my antivirus is indicating the software is not safe. Even if you state there is no problem I am loathed to download ‚unsafe‘ software.

    Thank you

    Don Harvey

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